For those of you who remain undecided today, on election day, here is a quick guide to the science policies of the main political parties:

  1. Campaign for Science and Engineering

A thorough guide to what the parties are saying about science and engineering policy, as well as three briefings and a list of ten key actions they think are required from the next government to champion science and engineering.

  1. British Science Association

A series of ten minute video interviews on their own YouTube channel with representatives of the main political parties who lay out their science policies were they to form the next government.

  1. Society of Biology

A useful web page with key facts demonstrating the value of the life sciences in the UK and their contribution to improving lives, creating jobs and driving investment and growth. There is also a video of their election debate and an environmental policy debate run by the British Ecological Society, among others.

  1. Media

Articles from the Guardian and Times Higher Education describing science policies ahead of the general election.

I hope this has proven helpful as a quick guide for the undecided. What the political landscape will look like tomorrow remains unknown, as does the impact this outcome will have upon science, in particular applied microbiology.